News Profiteer’s Definitive Guide to Fundamental News Trading

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Editor’s Speech:

The hard work of the fundamentals and the lack of this knowledge among the Persian-language traders made Forex Yar a translated book on the subject.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the publication of the book on the Forex market. We hope that with this decision, we will take a small step forward for the growth and promotion of Iranian traders’ knowledge and to see continuous earnings for Iranian traders.

We appreciate and appreciate all the people who work hard in this area, because simultaneous translation of the news and analysis of economic data is very difficult and requires a high scientific level.

The book is intended to appeal to Iranian unpopular fundamentals and other enthusiasts of fundamental analysis of global financial markets.

It can be said that most people who want to enter the trading profession start their training with technical analysis.

This is great for the starting point, but staying at this point will never turn you into a professional trader.

To become a professional trader, you need to dominate the four pillars of the market.

These four pillars are shown in the following diagram:


The pillars of the success of traders:

Technical, Fundamental, Market Sentiment, Supply and Demand

In this book, we will go to the second pillar of the market, Fundamental.

As you know from the name of the book, you will find out in this book the most important news indicators and how to analyze them.

We will continue to introduce this book to its author, Henry Liu.

The reality of transactions in a simpler way

The reality of transactions in a simpler way

One of the biggest mistakes that may occur in Forex trading, it is ironic to spend a lot of time trading.

There is definitely no one who can predict with certainty what the next move is for the market, and with a lot of time, your chances of gaining a losing deal will increase, even without pointing out the stress associated with trading, which may Leading to a slip in your trading decision.

The ideal way for me to trade Forex is when the market is starting to move, take advantage of this opportunity and enter the market, make a deal, and then once I get out of the market with a good profit. . I repeat this repeatedly, while usually I do not spend more than one to two hours in a deal, and do not have more than four to five transactions a week.

The only system that fits this situation is trading based on news.

Some Benefits Of Trading Based on News

Trading time planning: You only trade the most important news during their distribution plan, which are available through various calendars, up to a few weeks beforehand, and you are currently in a market when unsustainable, with The mass liquidity is almost guaranteed, so you will not miss your money to track fluctuations and false trends during the hours of liquidity.

Reducing losses: Forex trading should benefit you, not harmful! By limiting the amount of trading you make per month, you reduce your potential losses by choosing the best.

Risk Management: News Trader generally gives you a manageable risk. You can always put your loss at a pre-release level, because there’s a golden rule: when the market returns to the point before the release of the news, then the impact of the news is probably over.
High profits: Because the market may be too responsive to news releases, fluctuations will turn into our friend. By getting to the right path after release, you can do more of your movements.

Deal in less time: There are only about 35 newsreaders trading per month, and of these 35 releases, probably 50% of them will allow you to trade. So trades can take up to 2 hours per transaction, but their dealings will only take you 15 minutes. Therefore, you are trading on average less than 40 hours a month or about 10 hours a week. While you probably get the same amount of money for a 16-hour deal per day.

Who is this book for?

This book is written for middle and advanced traders. So if you are completely newbie, I strongly recommend that you first choose a beginner course to benefit from this book.

An important fact to which I must point out is that this book is not about “the news barter trading”. Although I will explain how to deal with bars, this book covers a lot more ways, and I believe you will benefit from it, no matter if you want to trade news, or not .

This book will help you see the market in a whole new way. If you are strictly a technical trader, this book will benefit you and will probably increase your profitability using your current methods. If you are already a fundamental trader, the second part of this book will help you to see and understand the long-term deals of the market.

One of the most important requirements for using this book is to have an entirely open mind. An analogy that often exists in my mind is: “Your mind is like a parachute, only when it is open,” so my heart’s desire is to keep your mind open.

[۱] Spike Trading: Spike or Pin – One of the many types of Japanese candles with a short body and a long shadow, and it means a non-reciprocal rate. Spike occurs when the current rate is very different from the previous one, or there is a price gap. Spike may also indicate the opposition of buyers and sellers, and also indicate a technical malfunction. So when it comes up, it needs to be very careful. Spike has been translated here.

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