Invest Like Warren Buffett

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Why is investing easier for you than Warren Buffett?
How does a not-so-big business look like?
How to find a great business.
Use clever tricks to detect a large business through its financial statements.
How much should you spend on a high quality business?
Best time to buy stock?
How to start today as Warren Buffett?
These are the contents of the book “Like Warren Fabrics Invest”.

Strong Strategies for Creating Wealth


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Warren Buffett is the world’s largest investor. He started his investment business at the age of 11, and bought $ 114 in stock. Now, after seventy-three years, his asset value is $ 70 billion.

How did he do it?

And what’s more, what can we learn from a tissue investment strategy that we can use to create wealth for ourselves?

There are so many things that the tissue does, and you and I will never be able to imitate it. I and you will never buy an insurance company and will not invest in it. You and I will never receive a phone call from Goldman Sachs that will offer us top stocks with a yield of 10 percent.

On the other hand, the individual investor has many advantages over texture. The texture now has more than $ 50 billion in cash, which needs to be put into operation. Due to the size of this amount of cash, tissue is limited to investing in large corporations. And when it buys a stock, it must move slowly to avoid moving the market.

I and you can quickly buy almost any stock without spreading rumors and moving stock prices. We can buy stocks in a company of any size, from a small hat to a large hood. We can buy these smaller and faster companies that the texture could buy in its initial investment periods, but no longer. And we can sell our share if and when we choose.

For 20 years, the author of the book has put all the investment in the textures under armor and studied. And extracts valuable “texture” attitudes. This approach compares with the investment constraints of “texture” and implemented the best investment strategy for micro investors. According to the writer, Baft, for the sake of the greatness of capital, he can certainly not invest in companies that value his money, but we can invest almost every company as a microfinance investor. But how to make the best investment is what you will implement in this book with professional “texture” functions.

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