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The sixth book of the Laurentiu Damir bookstore and Forex market lecturer was published in Forex Yar.

In this book, as well as other books by this author, we introduce and train a functional trading system in Forex.

In this book, the author has designed a functional trading system based on the characteristics of price behavior (Price Action), which can be profitable with the application of its rules and having a good capital management program.

In this strategy, the focus is on the points of the market where the trend in those places is going to change its direction.

Then he tries to enter the market at a time to pursue the trend with good profit.

By basically doing this, the system has the potential to get thousands of pips at a relatively acceptable time (not too short, or very long).

As you know, the trends appear one by one, and it may seem that it is easy to get on the waves of these trends to earn a profit, but this is true only if you can identify the scrolls well, and the start time and Detecting them correctly and with high probability.

In this book, this process will be well explained to you.

The process of recognizing the trends and the time it begins and ending in this book is based solely on the Price Action, and does not involve any kind of indicator or magic formulas and any meaningless work in this regard.

This book explains all the above topics in full detail and gives you a complete trading system with specific inputs, limitations, and exit rules.

The rules that if you refer to them, can produce hundreds of pips for each transaction you make.

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  • رمز تمامی فایلهای فشرده می باشد. (برای فایلهای رمزگذاری شده)
  • لینکها با نرم افزارهای دانلود منیجر کار نمی کنند.
  • متن فایل های پی دی اف قابل کپی نمی باشند، اما می توان پرینت گرفت.
  • بلافاصله بعد از خرید لینک دانلود برای شما نمایش و ایمیل خواهد شد. ضمن آنکه در کنترل پنل خود می توانید آنها را برای همیشه داشته و دانلود نمایید.

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