Day Trading Forex with S&R Zones

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Laurentiu Damir
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Day trading the foreign exchange market can be very profitable if you know
what you are doing, if you have a set of rules to follow and if you have the
discipline and patience to respect them. Let me show you what this day trading
system can do if applied to the forex market:


You can see in the diagram above two trades taken using this system. All the
trades with this forex strategy look exactly the same. They have small stop loss
levels and a high reward. The first sell order in the example above won 210 pips,
the second sell order made 250 pips.


Here is another trade example with this strategy. Very small stop loss, 215 pips
profit. I will now go through every component of this trading strategy, explain
them in detail and at the end, put them together to give you the complete forex
trading system.

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